Why Chatbots Development can be a Turning Point for an E-commerce Website Technology

A chatbot is a kind of software that makes use of artificial intelligence which helps it to communicate with customers through a messaging interface.It is designed in such a way so that it can run on several platforms,where they follow users conversation to accomplish a particular task.In the field of e-commerce, chatbots can be used for executing the task like recommending products, addressing queries or advising.

Today’s world has become more digitalized and everyone prefers to perform any task online whether that work is related to corporate, sport, professional or personal.Due to the lack of time, everyone wants to save time or finish the task as soon as possible hence they approach for online medium .one of the most time-consuming task is shopping and therefore we do our shopping through online.

since online shopping was on high demand so it emerged as a business.Today we are presented with lots of channels or ways to make an online purchase like website, apps emails, social media.Though we have innumerable options for purchasing online but still becomes perplexed for customers to shop via one single channel.

To get rid of this problem is to go through conversational commerce.Conversational commerce is a newly introduced term which refers to the junction of shopping and messaging apps. To extract benefit out of conversational commerce is of making use of chatbot on your online shopping channel.

These days many business organization are approaching to bind and converse with their users through chatbots on several platforms such as facebook watsapps etc. Artificial intelligence gets strengthened by chatbots for instant communication with customers and clarify their queries.

chatbots add more benefits to e-commerce retailers by communicating with their buyers.They add a boost to sales by a recommendation that means based on buyers purchase history and their preferences chatbot recommend appropriate products to the respective buyers

A report was released by ubisend in which it was described that 40%of buyers want to deal and grab the offer from chatbots and also one out of five buyers prefer to purchase goods from chatbots.

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